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I am storing some informaiton in my android app and per unit of info, I need to store multiple data for each item in string-array or what ever appropriate.

For example if we take a list of countries, the XML file could be defined as follows. Here we have only one value, which is the name of the country that is listed in a string-array.

<string-array name="countries_array">        

My requirement is to save more info, such as the country name and the country code in one resource.

My intention is to iterate over a resource and then for each country, I be able to get its sub items such as country name and country code. This way I can save objects that I need in the application and generate them from parsing the file.

At the moment, I am considering a string split and get the values or by using 2 arrays, but wondering if there is any eligent way to do it. XML and relavent Java code is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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<string-array name="countries_array">        


public class CountryInfo {

    public String mName;
    public String mCode;

    public CountryInfo(String name, String code) {
        mName = name;
        mCode = code;

ArrayList<CountryInfo> countryList = new ArrayList<CountryInfo>();

Then parse the xml file with an XML parser(SAX or DOM, examples can be found here) and then you can add each country info into your array like this:

CountryInfo tmp = new CountryInfo(name, code);
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