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I have a table called devicesegments, each row of which contains a large array called devices. Owing to the size of the device array, I've been asked not to include it in my query for a page that lists all devicesegments, but only include their count. Is this possible?
What I was doing before : A simple db.devicesegments.find()

What I'm doing now : db.devicesegments.find({}, { devices : 0 })

What I want to achieve : db.devicesegments.find({}, { devices : 0, devices.length : 1 })

Something like a COUNT(devices) AS device_count!

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Ashkay, there's no way to do this with Mongo currently. As @rompetroll says, your application should keep a "count" field on each document, and carefully $inc it whenever you change the number of entries in the array. Then when you query for the document, exclude the array like:

db.collection.find({}, {devices:0})

If you're willing to run MongoDB 2.1, which is a development release, the aggregation framework provides a means to calculate the array size within a query:


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Since there is no way to currently do this, without including a new device_count in my table, the temporary fix that I applied was to fetch all the data from the database, along with the devices array, and for each row, add a field for devices.length and then remove the devices array before sending the data across.

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