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i was developing a registration form and i have attached Jquery's validation engine to it.

I have read the docs on https://github.com/posabsolute/jQuery-Validation-Engine but i still did not find a way to detach the Validation check to a specific input box.

I have seen that there's info about how to group together a selected number of input and/or check boxes for the validation, but haven't found a way to set the group for a validation-detaching purpose.

I'd like to dynamically set some input boxes free from the validation check without having to hide them from the form.

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Just remove all classes ....


Then the validation wont be run ...

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I use CSS class names to defined validation rules.

Then I use jQuery addClass() and removeClass() to dynamically adjust rules.

Sometimes, it helps run $(":input").valid() to clear out error messages that don't apply anymore after changing validation rules.

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