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I am trying to link a specific document sitting on a server in a wiki page.

Say the server is \myserver and the file is at \myserver\share\myfolder\myfile.txt

How do I do that? tried the following, and none seem to work:

[file://myserver\share\myfolder\myfile.txt LinkHere]
[file:///myserver\share\myfolder\myfile.txt LinkHere]
[file:////myserver\share\myfolder\myfile.txt LinkHere]
[file://\\myserver\share\myfolder\myfile.txt LinkHere]
[file:////myserver/share/myfolder/myfile.txt LinkHere]
[file://myserver//share//myfolder//myfile.txt LinkHere]

Seems annoying, since my web browser opens such a link easily, and linking to an http page works fine:

[ AnotherLinkHere]

So, Ho do I do that?

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Bit late but...

[file://myserver/share/myfolder/myfile.txt LinkHere] should work, and if you have any spaces in the path replace them with %20.

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