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Is there a way to change two or more Div styles with a single javascript line?


Is it possible to merge the code in ONE line?

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whats wrong with 2 lines - works perfectly well and nice and easy to read - using a single line complicates matters (removing what is already there).... – ManseUK Mar 5 '12 at 15:36

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You can update it using a single line of JavaScript - but i would suggest leaving it as multiple - its easier to read and understand with multiple lines and you dont have to worry about replacing other style values.

You can go up a level and set the style, for example :

document.getElementById("searchScroll").style.cssText = "position:fixed;margin:-50px;";

this will replace the current style .. to add you can use the following :

document.getElementById("searchScroll").style.cssText += "position:fixed;margin:-50px;";

Example :

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This works, but it would also get rid of any other styles already present (like "backgroundColor" or whatever). – Pointy Mar 5 '12 at 15:33
@Pointy added ... no error checking for closing ; but adds to existing – ManseUK Mar 5 '12 at 15:35
jsFiddle? Because this doesn't work for me. – Jivings Mar 5 '12 at 15:37
@Jivings your right ... updated to use cssText but dont like it ! would really prefer to use 2 lines ... – ManseUK Mar 5 '12 at 15:40
Or just use += – David Mar 5 '12 at 15:43

You can use with (but Crockford won’t like it):


Or add on the cssText property (this is probably what you want):

document.getElementById("searchScroll").style.cssText += 'position:fixed;margin;-50px';


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You want = not : there. – Pointy Mar 5 '12 at 15:34
@Pointy right, not used to handle the awkward with syntax :) – David Mar 5 '12 at 15:36

Alternatively, using jQuery:

    'position': 'fixed',
    'margin': '-50px'
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you can use cssText property.

document.getElementById("searchScroll").style.cssText = "position:fixed;margin:-50px"

but i will replace all other inline styles.

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