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I'm using the .Net activeX component of Quicktime. I would like to read the timecode track data contained in a QTMovie track. I can already select my timecode track like this :

// Valid Quicktime movie
QTMovie movie;
QTUtils qtu = new QTUtils();

for (int i = 1; i <= movie.Tracks.Count; i++)
    if (movie.Tracks[i].Type == qtu.StringToFourCharCode("tmcd"))
        QTTrack tcTrack = movie.Tracks[i];
        // Timecode data reading ?

Is there a way to extract the timecode data?

Thank you for your help!

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I am trying to research this exact problem. I am also looking at the quicktime SDK as a possible solution. Did you ever solve this? – Brian ONeil Sep 22 '09 at 22:28
I know that this is possible with the Quicktime SDK, I did in another program I wrote but I don't have the source code anymore. – Martin Delille Oct 5 '09 at 11:18

I asked a very similar question regarding applescript and timecode. The workaround was to use another app, an open source, command line app called timecodereader available here. I'm not sure if it's cross platform, but you might be able to glean something from the sourc code.


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