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I maintain a website that is 15 years old and was originally written in sprawling PHP code. I have recently grafted on a backend implemented in CakePHP which I placed into it's own folder on the main website (all urls look like http://www.mysite.com/console/<cake stuff>).

This backend is working fine and I have lots of useful functionality in the CakePHP part - but now I would like to be able to access some of this functionality from the main site since it seems a waste to reimplement in vanilla PHP.

Of course one option would be to the Cake code produce results in JSON and then in a PHP page I could use curl call the action, in pseudo code:

$data = curl('http://mysite.com/console/accounts/data.json');
$accounts = json_decode($data);

But it seems very inefficient to be using curl to page within the same site. Instead, I would like to have a class that would work something like this:

$cakeAccessor = new CakeAccessor(<settings>);
$accounts = $cakeAccessor->requestAction('orders','data');

I've searched online and can't find anything. But before trying to implement my own class (which I hope should be possible by coping the code in shell scripts intended for calling Cake functionality from the command line) I wondered if anyone new of a open-source module that already does this.

Please note: it isn't feasible to move all the pages from the main site to the webroot directory.

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Possibly subclass the CakeResponse class, modify its send method to stop automatic output, and then use a modified version of webroot/index.php to Dispatch to your custom class, and retrieve Cake's output from it.

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