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I have created a splash-screen.png for my application. Unfortunately all the parts that should be transparent are drawn as a rectangle. To be able to understand better what I mean a small example-description: (I havnt got enough reputation to put a picture into the forum)

Lets say I have a png as splash-screen which shows a sphere. The sphere should stand for itself, but Qt draws a rectangle around it, which destroys all the atmosphere.

Would be very grateful if you know if there is another possibility to maintain the transparency around the object.


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This seems to be a known bug. As suggested in the bug report a workaround is to use a QLabel instead of a QSplashScreen.

Also check this forum post. A solution is proposed by subclassing QSplashScreen.

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With the following flags, my png has a transparent frame:

splash.setWindowFlags( Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint | Qt::SplashScreen | Qt::FramelessWindowHint );

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