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I've probleme with

$pagContainer = $(sets.lists.container); // container: 'cart'
$bg = $($pagContainer + " li").css("background", "#FFFFFF");
$bg1 = $($pagContainer + " li:nth-child(2n)").css("background", "#767676");

I don't know if I need to put "#" before the $pagContainer like:

$pagContainer = $(sets.lists.container); // container: 'cart'
$bg = $("#" + $pagContainer + " li").css("background", "#FFFFFF");

or something like that.

who can be help me with this issue?


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If sets.lists.container contains a reference to a DOM element, or a selector in the form #my_id, then $pagContainer will already be a jQuery object, and cannot be used as a selector. In this case, you can use .find:

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hum doesn't work my object is: lists { id: null, container: 'carts' } var sets = {}; sets.init($this); and $(sets.lists.container) exist in object. but I don't know how i can use it.. – Jean-philippe Emond Mar 5 '12 at 16:15
Then, if 'carts' is the ID for your container, your first line should be $pagContainer = $('#'+sets.lists.container);. The following lines can use .find() on $pagContainer as I explained on my answer. – bfavaretto Mar 5 '12 at 16:18

You will use '#' if $pagContainer is the ID of an element, as in:

<div id='container_id'>
    <li> ... </li>
    <li> ... </li>

if $pagContainer value is 'container_id' then the result selector would be $('#container_id li'). If you were trying to change the background of the list items, your syntax is correct, if you are trying to change the background of the div element just drop the last 'li'.

if $pagContainer is a class, use a '.' instead of a '#'

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