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In my app I have a UINavigationController within a UITabBarController. Everything is working fine, however I can't set the title for the navigation controller. I have tried several different methods and googled around but there seems to be no solution for this problem.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance.


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possible duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/2760634/… –  Jess Bowers Mar 5 '12 at 15:56
Surely you should be specifying the view controller's title in the view controller and then the navigation controller will have the correct title applied? –  ader Mar 5 '12 at 16:15
I am specifying the title in the view controller. Thanks. Sam. –  shoughton123 Mar 5 '12 at 16:23

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I found the answer in the end, it was:

self.tabBarController.navigationItem.title = @"title";
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Works perfectly, thank you. –  Enrico Susatyo Oct 29 '13 at 23:44
this worked perfectly. –  shahil Jul 21 '14 at 16:21
self.navigationItem.title = @"Your Title"

Works for every case.

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I have tried this and it doesn't work. Thankyou though! –  shoughton123 Mar 5 '12 at 16:19
This should work. Check to make sure self.navigationItem does not return nil. If nil, check your connections. –  Gobot Mar 5 '12 at 16:43
If you are loading from a xib or from storyboard, try dragging a navigationItem to your viewController, if there is none –  Ugur Kumru Mar 5 '12 at 20:45

For me the following works fine:

Initiate the controllers in appDelegateDidFinishLaunching:Method:

UINavigationController *navContr1;
UINavigationController *navContr2;

UIViewController *viewController1, *viewController2;

viewController1 = [[[FirstViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"FirstViewController_iPhone" bundle:nil] autorelease];
viewController2 = [[[SecondViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"SecondViewController_iPhone" bundle:nil] autorelease];

navContr1       = [[[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:viewController1] autorelease];
navContr2       = [[[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:viewController2] autorelease];

self.tabBarController = [[[UITabBarController alloc] init] autorelease];
//self.tabBarController.viewControllers = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:viewController1, viewController2, nil];
self.tabBarController.viewControllers = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:navContr1, navContr2, nil];

self.window.rootViewController = self.tabBarController;
[self.window makeKeyAndVisible];

with this done, in your different viewControllers initWithNibName:(NSString *)nibNameOrNil bundle:(NSBundle *)nibBundleOrNil - Method you can change the title with the following line:

self.title = @"Your Title";

Good Luck.

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Unfortunately I'm already fairly deep in my app so this so i can't use this exact method but mine isn't that different. However doing self.title doesn't work, self.title just sets the title for the tab bar. Thanks though! –  shoughton123 Mar 5 '12 at 16:18
what about self.navigationController.title = @"new title" ? –  pmk Mar 5 '12 at 16:57

Look at the UIViewController class in the docs. There is a property pointing to the UINavigationItem which then has a property pointing to the title. If the pointer to the navigation item returns nil, you must have not wired the controllers together correctly.

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The self.title always sets the tile of the rootViewController object of your ViewController.

If you have your viewController & the rootViewController is UINavigationController, then self.title will set the title of UINavigationController.

Similarly, if you have initialized a UITabViewController with the UIViewController objects, then the self.title will applies on the title corresponding button at index, on UITabBar of UITabViewController.

Hence said that, self.title applies on the object holding the viewController.

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