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The problem is that my MVC app is connecting well to my database but when I query it it doesn't return anything("var model" is empty) and I don't know what's the problem.I'm using SharpLite template so this already has automappings implemented and is connecting to my database using NHibernate, I already implemented the "User" entity in "MyProject.Domain".Here is the code in my User Controller:

private readonly IRepository<User> _repository; 
    public UserController(IRepository<User> repository)
        _repository = repository;
public ActionResult Index()
        var model = _repository.GetAll();
        return View(model);

And this is the code from NHibernate initializer:

public static Configuration Initialize() 
        var configuration = new Configuration();

            .Proxy(p => p.ProxyFactoryFactory<DefaultProxyFactoryFactory>())
            .DataBaseIntegration(db => {
                db.ConnectionStringName = "MyProjectConnectionString";

        var mapper = new ConventionModelMapper();

        return configuration;
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You'll want to see the statements sent to the database, along with the results. Try one of these methods:

  • The easiest way I've found is using NHibernate Profiler. It's a pay product.
  • Setup NHibernate to log SQL statements using log4net.
  • Custom output to Trace, Debug, or anywhere else you want using an interceptor

I don't know enough about the problem to pinpoint the error currently.

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I'll test it and give you some feedback later,thanks. –  Daniel Mar 5 '12 at 16:59

Verify that your User entity inherits Entity

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