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I want to start using Sphinx to document my project. I told Sphinx to use separate source and build directories during sphinx-quickstart. Now my directory layout is the following:


Which files should be excluded from a VCS repository for a Sphinx project (i.e., since I use Git, what should I add to my .gitignore file)? For example, should I ignore the docs/build/ directory so that changes in the HTML pages generated from Sphinx aren't tracked?

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If you take a look at the contents of Makefile you'll see something as follows:

BUILDDIR      = build


    -rm -rf $(BUILDDIR)/*

This means that make clean just removes the build directory so, with regard to version control, ignoring the contents of the build directory should be enough as you already suspected.

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Note that if you use sphinx-apidoc, almost all (except index.rst) *.rst files in docs will get generated and can be ignored, too. I would suggest an ignore rule like /docs/myproject.*. –  Bengt Oct 15 '13 at 4:43

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