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This issue appears on BB 9800 when the device/emulator is in full touch mode (closed slider). I don't know if the issue appears on other TS devices (I have only this device).

I have the MainScreen (MS) object (where almost entire application is working here), and some "dialogs" (D1, D2) for displaying some details, which both extend FullScreen, and I display them with UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(this), and I close them with UiApplication.getUiApplication().popScreen(this); D1 - some details D2 - an EditField for adding some comments

If I push only one "dialog" MS -> D1 or MS -> D2 all things are ok. if I push 2 "dialogs" MS -> D1-> D2, if I press on virtual keyboard, there are some visual mess (like no painting areas), only the first pressed key is taken from VirtualKeyboard (into edit); if I dissmiss this D2 (with popScreen()), the D1 has visual issues (again, like no painting areas)...


public class DialogBase extends FullScreen
    public DialogBase()
        super(new VerticalFieldManager(), Field.NON_FOCUSABLE);

        . . .

    . . .

    public void open()

    public void closeAndExit()

D2 is very similar to D1 (the same constructor + open + close)

Do you have an ideea?

Thank you,


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So, the problem appears when I push a FullScreen, then (over this pushed screen) I push the second FullScreen, ONLY with the slider closed (like a full touch screen device). If I open the slider (I have available the phisical keyboard), the issue does not appear... I've tried with few BB 9800 OS 6.0 versions, but the issue is pressent. I've tried on a BB 9850 emulator (a full touch screen device) and the code runs ok. I'm doing some elementary stuff... Where is my mistake? –  tibi95 Mar 6 '12 at 12:28
In Debug mode, when the issue appears, I receive in console a lot of "PAINTING -- NOT PAINTABLE" and "WARNING PopupKey show(): isVisble() false while getUiEngineInternal() is not null" messages. –  tibi95 Mar 8 '12 at 11:28
If I'm extending from PopupScreen, the bug doesn't appear, but the screen is like a true dialog, woth a round border, with some padding, etc. I've tried to make the PopupScreen to look like the FullScreen, but with no result. Which is the difference (functional) between PopupScreen and FullScreen? –  tibi95 Mar 8 '12 at 13:36

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