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I have an XML structure like this:

mytree = """

I'm currently using xpath in python lxml to grab the nodes:

>>> from lxml import etree   
>>> info = etree.XML(mytree)   
>>> print info.xpath("/path/to/nodes/info")
[<Element info at 0x15af620>, <Element info at 0x15af940>, <Element info at 0x15af850>]  
>>> for x in info.xpath("/path/to/nodes/info"):
            print x.text


This is great, but is there a cleaner way to grab just the internal texts as a list, rather than having to write the for-loop afterwards?
Something like:

print info.xpath("/path/to/nodes/info/text")

(but that doesn't work)

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You can use:

print info.xpath("/path/to/nodes/info/text()")
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