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i have a while loop, it goes like so....

        while ($fruit_name = current($data)) {
            $string1 .= "'".key($data)."',";

this works perfectly, and echos:


when the array data =

Array ( [derp] => 68 [test] => 1 )

but, if the array data =

Array ( [derp] => 0 [test] => 0 )

it echos


what do?

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You'd be better off using foreach to wrap quotes and then joining on a comma. – loganfsmyth Mar 5 '12 at 17:27
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If you want to traverse an array manually, you must use each since there is - as you found out - no way to differentiate the negative result from current and a false-valued value. Even if you were to check with === false, you'd still fail if the array contained a false entry.

However, you should really just use foreach instead:

foreach ($data as $k=>$fruit_name) {
    $string1 .= "'". $k . "',";
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PHP counts 0 as false which terminates your while loop, to allow 0 you would need to do a type-sensitive comparison:

while (($fruit_name = current($data)) !== false) {
    $string1 .= "'".key($data)."',";
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if you just want a comma delimited list of keys from your array, regardless of their values, a combination of implode and array_keys might be a better approach

$string = implode(',', array_keys($data));
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