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In my understanding the method findAttribute(String) of the class PageContext searches for findings in all scopes (Session, Request, Pagecontext..).

Is that really so?

I have a JSP with the following code

String foo = request.getParameter("foo"); %>
<%= pageContext.findAttribute("foo") %> -- <%= foo %> -- ${foo}

So in my understanding if I previously set the requests parameter foo to anything like boo and the session and pagecontext is clean, all 3 outputs would deliver boo.

But in my case only the output in the middle says boo. <%= pageContext.findAttribute("foo") %> and ${foo} have no o

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How exactly is "parameter" the same as "attribute"? They have different wording, right? Wouldn't that mean that they have a different meaning? In any way, put your mouse above the [el] tag which you've put below the question and click the info link in the popbox. –  BalusC Mar 5 '12 at 18:12
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pageContext.findAttribute will retrieve attributes which are different than parameters.

See Difference between getAttribute() and getParameter() for more details.

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