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I've made a basic cart for my web app, I'm just having a hard time thinking of how to bridge the gap to making a payment. I got the cart from Ryan Bates's RailsCast and am using his PayPal methods as well. I'm using Devise to handle authentication.

Before a user is allowed to hit 'checkout', they need to be logged in (so I know who bought what).

Ryan just has the checkout link go directly to paypal. I can only allow the checkout link to go to paypal if the user has logged on.

Do I need to make another model & controller (maybe invoice?) and do a before :authenticate_user! on a method in invoice and then have the checkout link actually link_to the invoice controller? Will taht actually direct a user to sign-in/up, then upon completion send the user to paypal?

I'm trying to make the flow so that a user only has to click "check out" once.


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I ended up putting a new action in my cart called checkout and setting calling

 before_filter :authorize_user!, only: [:checkout]

Then Devise takes off.

Maybe obvious, but I definitely had to think about it.

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