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I'm new to Ruby and don't know how to add new item to already existing hash. For example, first I construct hash:

hash = {:item1 => 1}

after that a want to add item2 so after this I have hash like this:

{:item1 => 1, :item2 =>2}

I don't know what method to do on hash, could someone help me?

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@ИванБишевац When in doubt, consult the documentation. – Andrew Marshall Mar 5 '12 at 18:52
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Create the hash:

hash = {:item1 => 1}

Add a new item to it:

hash[:item2] = 2
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If you want to add new items from another hash - use merge method:

hash = {:item1 => 1}
another_hash = {:item2 => 2, :item3 => 3}
hash.merge(another_hash) # {:item1=>1, :item2=>2, :item3=>3}

In your specific case it could be:

hash = {:item1 => 1}
hash.merge({:item2 => 2}) # {:item1=>1, :item2=>2}

but it's not wise to use it when you should to add just one element more.

Pay attention that merge will replace the values with the existing keys:

hash = {:item1 => 1}
hash.merge({:item1 => 2}) # {:item1=>2}

exactly like hash[:item1] = 2

Also you should pay attention that merge method (of course) doesn't effect the original value of hash variable - it returns a new merged hash. If you want to replace the value of the hash variable then use merge! instead:

hash = {:item1 => 1}
hash.merge!({:item2 => 2})
# now hash == {:item1=>1, :item2=>2}
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It's as simple as:

irb(main):001:0> hash = {:item1 => 1}
=> {:item1=>1}
irb(main):002:0> hash[:item2] = 2
=> 2
irb(main):003:0> hash
=> {:item1=>1, :item2=>2}
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hash[key]=value Associates the value given by value with the key given by key.

hash[:newKey] = "newValue"

From Ruby documentation:

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create hash as : h = => {} Now insert into hash as : h = Hash["one" => 1]

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hash_items = {:item => 1}
puts hash_items 
#hash_items will give you {:item => 1}

hash_items.merge!({:item => 2})
puts hash_items 
#hash_items will give you {:item => 1, :item => 2}

hash_items.merge({:item => 2})
puts hash_items 
#hash_items will give you {:item => 1, :item => 2}, but the original variable will be the same old one. 
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