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I am hoping to catch a form value, which always has this format:


I can never know what length the city or country has, but I need to be echoed this way:

City, Country

So in other words, how can replace the - by ", " and Capitalize the first letter of each words?


EDIT: Thanks for all your answers!

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What have you tried so far? There is a PHP manual with string functions btw: – hakre Mar 5 '12 at 18:35
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str_replace() + ucwords()

$var = 'city-country';

echo ucwords( str_replace('-', ' ', $var) );

Regular expression


$subject = 'city-country';

$ret = preg_replace('/([^.]*)-(.*)/', '$1, $2', $subject);

echo ucwords($ret);

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Thanks ComFreek, clear and to the point, worked in a sec! – Sherif Mar 5 '12 at 20:24

String replace is a good tool to start with:

$string = str_replace('-', ', ', $old_string);

And then ucwords will capitalize all the words:

$string = ucwords($string);
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$str = str_replace("-",", ",$input);

and then use

$str = ucwords($str);
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$test = 'city-country';

$new_test = preg_replace('/(\w+)(-)(\w+)/', '$1, $3', $test);

echo ucwords($new_test);
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You could do this:


$newstr = preg_replace("/(.)([^-]*)-(.)(.*)/e", "strtoupper('\\1').'\\2, '.strtoupper('\\3').'\\4'", $newstr);

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