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I haven't been able to find a way to change the text style of tab text based on whether the ActionBar is stacked or not. Only the background seems to be adjustable.

I am using ActionBarSherlock. My ActionBar background is blue with white text. I am using tabbed navigation, so when the tabs portion is stacked below the main ActionBar, I want the background to be white (which I've done using abBackgroundStacked). This makes the text invisible (text is same color as background). I want the text to be black when the actionbar is stacked. Any ideas?

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If you're using a stacked ActionBar, then the tabs are stacked in portrait and part of the ActionBar in landscape.

Then just make a style specifically for portrait, than has black text on white stacked tabs and a style for landscape mode which has white text on the blue ActionBar+tabs.

Write each style into a separate styles.xml file and place it accordingly in values and values-land (for landscape) folders. That's what I've done and it works perfectly.

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