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My CoreData model have 3 entities with to-many relationships:
job <<-->> group <<-->> person
So groups can do different jobs, and persons can be involved in different groups.
I want to fetch all persons that do some job.
My mind sugests me to write something like this:
ANY group. ANY job == 'some job'
But I know this is wrong. :) Would next predicate be correct and do what I mean:
ANY group.job == 'some job'

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You don't need to use a predicate to find all people that do some job.

NSSet* groups = someJob.groups; //this will get all group that does the job
NSMutableSet* people = [NSMutableSet set];
for(Group* aGroup in groups){
  [people unionSet:aGroup.people];  //this will add the people in this group
//now people set has all the people that does the job
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Yeah, I really can deal without precicate here :) Thanx –  ukrbublik Mar 6 '12 at 10:26

Although NSPredicate does support dot syntax, not with to-many relationships. Maybe the best solution would be to do two separate fetch requests with the predicate matching @"ANY job LIKE group" and @"ANY group LIKE job" and intersect the results.

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