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i am creating a django video sharing project, I need user accounts, gravatars etc.

I tried pinax, i wanted to use the pinax social, but they don't offer that project anymore. I was thinking of using the accounts app, but django-userena seems better, so i created a project zero with pinax and tried to integrate django-userena with it. But is it easier for me to actually download django-userena demo and use it as a starting point, instead of using pinax. So does pinax offer anything that i can use beside the account management which userena offers? And thus, can userena replace pinax?

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I don't know anything about pinax. But I can tell you that I use django-userena and it is really a great package. It comes with the templates so you can already start with the demo they provide as a starting point. Good luck!

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Pinax has a lot of other projects and apps besides it's account management ones. Django-userena is specifically for profiles and accounts. Pinax's account-management app and project are what should be compared here. Both are similar ways of doing the same thing, so it's really up to personal preference. I prefer pinax because there are many other apps besides just account management that I can download bundled as a project.

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