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I have a problem. I start Tomcat in JPDA mode, and after that I execute:

mvn tomcat:stop tomcat:undeploy war:inplace tomcat:inplace

After which I connect to remote Java app from Eclipse. All works ok, I'm able to change some code and hot swap works.

When I add method/change parameters I redeploy the app:

mvn tomcat:stop tomcat:undeploy war:inplace tomcat:inplace

After which when I reconnect to the remote java app again, only now when I change any file (for example, placing a space or removing space, save) I get an error that code cannot been swapped out - "Hot Code Replace Failed - add method not implemented".

What is the problem?


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seems like choosing plexus-compiler-eclipse as compiler is solving this problem, I'm testing it. – Rulexec Mar 6 '12 at 13:15
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JVM only supports hot swap for changes to the method body. For other changes, like changing the parameters or adding new methods, consider choosing JRebel which supports these.

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