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I'm having troubles selecting data from a dataset in R. I would simply use c() and save this to a variable, but there is too much data to do this. The structure of the data is below:

sex  x outcome 
m   bc   3
m   bc   4
f   bc   5
f   bc   6
m   ac   3
m   ac   2
f   ac   2
f   ac   2

So what I need is this data to be split into 4 groups, ie. (m,bc) & (f,bc) & (m,ac) & (f,ac) based on the headers. I'm going to be using bootstrapping method to analyze this data later.

Any help is appreciated!!

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Maybe you could post the output of str(yourData) – Gregor Mar 5 '12 at 19:24

See ?subset for details:

sex <- rep(rep(c("m", "f"), each=2), 2)
x <- rep(c("bc", "ac"), each=4)
outcome <- 1:8

df <- data.frame(sex, x, outcome)

subset(df, sex=="m" & x=="bc")
#  sex  x outcome
#1   m bc       1
#2   m bc       2
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You can use split

split(df$outcome, paste(df$sex,df$x))

or the functions in plyr.

dlply(df, c("sex","x"))
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