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I'm trying to send a complex object to my WebMethod in a aspx page ( 4.0) using jquery 1.7.1 and json2.js

What I have accomplished is to send multiple parameters to a webmethod on the same page and now I want to wrap these parameters in an object instead.

So my WebMethod looks like this:

public static string ValidateControlInput(PairValue pair)
    var result = pair;
    return String.Format("Valid");

My javascript methods looks like this:


function ValidatePairInput(codeId, descriptionId, labelId) {

var pair = CreatePairObject(codeId, descriptionId);
    SendDataToValidate(pair, labelId);

function SendDataToValidate(dataToValidate, controlId) {

    type: 'POST',
    url: 'NewDocument.aspx/ValidateControlInput',
    contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
    data: dataToValidate,
    dataType: 'json',
    success: function (data, textStatus) {
        var result = data.d;
        DisplayValidationMessage(controlId, result);


function DisplayValidationMessage(controlId, result) {
    $('#' + controlId).text(result);

function CreatePairObject(codeId, descriptionId) {
    var pair = { };
    pair.Code = $('#' + codeId).val();
    pair.Description = $('#' + descriptionId).val();    
    var DTO = { 'pair': pair };
    return JSON.stringify(DTO);

Sad to say, this does not work. I set a breakpoint in the webmethod, but that is never hit.

If I replace the code in the javascript method 'CreatePairObject' with this:

function CreatePairObject(codeId, descriptionId) {
    return JSON.stringify({ code: $('#' + codeId).val(), description: $('#' + descriptionId).val() });

and the webmethod with this:

public static string ValidateControlInput(string code, string description)
    return String.Format("Valid");

it works like a charm. So can anyone help me with this? Any help is much appreciated!

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I think your problem is in the CreatePairObject function, you wrote Code and Description uppercase, and you'r nesting your JSON objects (what arrives to the webmethod is an object with a "pair" attribute containing the pair object). Try to serialize directly the pair object, instead:

function CreatePairObject(codeId, descriptionId) {
    var pair = { };
    pair.code = $('#' + codeId).val();
    pair.description = $('#' + descriptionId).val();    
    return JSON.stringify(pair);
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