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so I am trying to assign a number to a variable that is dynically generated from a binded array...when i try and assign it and trace it out nothing happens, which means I am obviously doing something wrong but I am not sure? just for fun i decided to bind the data to a label like so...

<s:Label text="{this.dd.selectedViews.length}"/>

and that work and updated properly, but when running in debug mode i got this warning...

warning: unable to bind to property 'length' on class 'Array' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)

so what would be the best method of assigning the array to a variable to use throughout my application

thanks in advance for any help

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have you tried this.dd.selectedViews.length.toString()? –  Jevgenij Dmitrijev Mar 5 '12 at 21:46

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I'm not really sure what you are asking here, but maybe this will help you out. As your error message says, the Array class is not an IEventDispatcher. What that means is that if you try to use a plain old Array as the source of a data-binding expression, it generally is not going to work.

If you need to bind to an array, you can try using a different class such as ArrayCollection, which supports data binding.

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Beat me to it. Wesley is correct; if you want to bind to the array's length you'll need to wrap it in an ArrayCollection. Or, manage the label's text property manually by updating it whenever you call a function on the array that modifies its length. –  sean Mar 5 '12 at 22:32
sorry for the confusion, this is the ea1xact answer i was looking for, thank you –  skevthedev Mar 6 '12 at 12:52

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