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When using jPicker bound to multiple elements, how do I determine which element is bound to the instance of jPicker that is expanded? I'd like to customize the jPicker title based on that.

$.jPicker.List contains all the bound elements, but which one is associated with the expanded jPicker?

With the code below, I would ideally like to get the input id (one, two or three) when the jPicker is expanded.

<script type="text/javascript">        

<input class="Multiple" type="text" id="one" value="e2ddcf" /><br />
<input class="Multiple" type="text" id="two" value="" /><br />
<input class="Multiple" type="text" id="three" value="fda0f7" />
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I answered another question concerning the jPicker and the information to answer your question is included in the solution.

jQuery jPicker reset completely

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