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I'm using SoapClient to work with a Web Service which results with a sequence of anyTypes. I have tried to use simplexml_load_string on the response (possibly wrongly) and it fails resulting in simplexml_load_string not being set.

That aside, my PHP code that calls the web service: (no problem here)

$client->InvokeWorkflow( $params );

I then catch the response as $response:

$response = $client->__getLastResponse();

When I var_dump $response I get:

string(1404) "XmlOut<Organisations xmlns=""><Organisation xmlns=""><DomainName></DomainName><Action>Suspend</Action><ActionType>Organisation</ActionType><InternalReference>1234</InternalReference><StatusInfo><Status>Error</Status><Error><Field> (Validate DomainName</Field><ErrorMessage>The domain is already suspended</ErrorMessage></Error></StatusInfo></Organisation></Organisations>statustruestatusMessagetaskStartIda0c5ce73-1915-4695-a50c-f05b431f8a14" 

You will notice an XmlOut followed by XML string, followed by some text starting with statustruestatusMessage.

That response is actually a set of anyTypes. The first is "XmlOut", the second is all of the XML looking string, followed by "status", "true", "statusMessage", "", "taskStartId", "0c5ce73-1915-4695-a50c-f05b431f8a14"

I'm trying to get the values for:

  • ErrorMessage (which is "The domain is already suspended")
  • Status (which is true in the above example)
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You should put the code you're using back up. I can't remember what it was. That string is definitely invalid XML which is why simplexml_load_string is returning false (which is what it does when it fails) – KTastrophy Mar 6 '12 at 1:49
Will do. Just got to the office. – cvanwie Mar 6 '12 at 6:55

Assuming you're using PHP's SoapClient class, you don't need to/can't load the response as a string.

Simply use the $response variable. It's already a PHP object.


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updated original question accordingly. – cvanwie Mar 5 '12 at 21:11

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