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I am developping an app using Heroku. I will need to manipulate images but unfortunately jpeg is not supported by default. I spoke with support and here is their answer:

"We unfortunately don't support jpeg by default. But the good
news is that we open sourced our PHP buildpack, so hopefully the
community will be able to bring that in.

In case you're interested, the buildpack is here:"

I know I need to add --with-jpeg just before the --with-gd in the ./configure of PHP

But the buildpack only gives the ability to update the php.ini and compile files and none of them contains the magic line to update (./configure...) ...

Is there is a way to add jpeg support through the two mentioned files ?

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Now that PHP support on Heroku is official and there is an official and well-maintained buildpack, you can just include ImageMagick in your composer.json file as ext-imagick, or use ext-gd. – Marco W. Jul 5 '14 at 0:46

Current workaround is to install - have compiled the library and instruction @ github

Also compiled since it is missing from Heroku's extension. The extension cannot be used since Heroku's PHP had GD compiled in php* binary. Waiting for someone to create a PHP buildpack without GD compiled.

Others have compiled and (in case anyone is interested).

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