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I'm using

f.collection_select :country_id, Country.all, :id, :name)

which generates

<select name="user[country_id]" id="user_country_id">       
 <option value="1">Canada</option>
 <option  value="2">United Kingdom</option>
 <option  value="3" >United States</option>

I would like to include a prov-val and code-val attribute to the select so I can dynamically update the province labels:

<select name="user[country_id]" id="user_country_id">     
<option prov-val="Province / Territory" code-val="Postal Code" value="1">Canada</option>
<option prov-val="County" code-val="Postcode"  value="158">United Kingdom</option>
<option prov-val="State" code-val="ZIP Code"  value="2" >United States</option>

Is this possible using a collection_select ?

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Apologies I submitted the question with a wrong title as I used the above question as a template. – paddydub Mar 5 '12 at 21:17
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Not sure if it's possible using collection_select, but I think using select does what you want:

<%= :country_id, {|c| [,, {:'prov-val' => c.prov_val, :'code-val' => c.code_val}]} %>

This assumes that your country object has the prov_val and code_val fields.

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Thanks I got it working by adding a options_for_select_with_attributes helper from: <%= :country_id, options_for_select_with_attributes( {|c| [,, {:'prov-val' => c.prov_val, :'code-val' => c.code_val}]}) %> – paddydub Mar 5 '12 at 23:03

You shouldn't be calling the model right from the view.

It is better to use a variable instead:

<%= :country_id, {|c| [,, {:'prov-val' => c.prov_val, :'code-val' => c.code_val}]} %>
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