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I'm trying to use a jquery tooltip to create an image that follows the mouse around once it enters a specific div. (the iris and pupil should follow the cursor inside of the eyeball div, link below) I have seen lots of tutorials on tooltips and similar tools, but they are more complicated than what I need. Finally i found this code: that is exactly what I need. However, when I applied it to my css/ html, it didn't work! here's what I have:

Is there something that's preventing it from working? or is the code wrong? (I'm new to javascript) Should I instead be using the mouseenter/ mouseleave function? any input is welcome, thank you

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Try changing:

left: e.pageX 0,
top: e.pageY 0


left: e.pageX + 0,
top: e.pageY + 0

Or some value other than zero, depending on how you're trying to position.

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