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In my Rails3 model I have these two named scopes:

scope :within_limit,     where("wait_days_preliminary <= ? ", ::WAIT_TIME_LIMIT.to_i )
scope :above_limit,      where("wait_days_preliminary > ? ",  ::WAIT_TIME_LIMIT.to_i )

Based on their similarity, it would be natural for me to define the second by inverting the first.

How can i do that in Rails?

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Arel has a not method you could use:

condition = arel_table[:wait_days_preliminary].lteq(::WAIT_TIME_LIMIT.to_i)
scope :within_limit, where(condition)     # => "wait_days_preliminary <= x"
scope :above_limit,  where(condition.not) # => "NOT(wait_days_preliminary <= x)"
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Clever! Although your answer suggests i cannot define the first and then just "not" the first scope like so: scope :above_limit, within_limit.not –  Jesper Rønn-Jensen Mar 6 '12 at 9:20

I believe this could work

scope :with_limit, lambda{ |sign| where("wait_days_preliminary #{sign} ? ", ::WAIT_TIME_LIMIT.to_i ) }

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