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I am working on a hello world webmachine application. What I want is that all requests are mapped to blogtest_resource except if it starts with "static". In this case, it is mapped to static_resource.

{["static", '*'], static_resource, [{root, "./deps"}]}.
{[], blogtest_resource, [{root, "."}]}.

This works nicely if I request / or anything inside static, but it fails if I request /new (which should be handled by blogtest_resource).

Is there something I am not aware of in the configuration of dispatch.conf?

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I'm not much familiar with the webmachine but I think the second dispatch map data should be

{['*'], blogtest_resource, [{root, "."}]}.
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Thank you very much! :) –  Yorirou Mar 6 '12 at 16:41

with just {['*'], some_resource, [{root, "."}]} everything will be mathed so it should be the last pattern to match.

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