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I am using the Eclipse (version Indigo) JavaScript code formatter and using the jshint-eclipse plugin with white: true option for code convention validation.

Eclipse code formatter and JSHint plugin conflict with the anonymous function declaration format. The JavaScript code formatter formats anonymous functions like the following:

var f1 = function() {

But the jshint-eclipse plugin gives a "Missing spaces after function" warning. The right format for this plugin is:

var f1 = function () {


Is there a way to format anonymus function declaration differently with eclipse than regular function declarations. I would like to add one space after "function" for anonymous functions but not for normal functions.


Update a relevang eclipse bug is here

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There is a bug for this:

Similar bug in Aptana was fixed:

I've worked out a patch for this: which hopefully will be merged and released soon.

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Check the JavaScript formatting preferences (Preference->JavaScript->Code Style->Formatter) on the White Space tab, for the Declarations of Functions.

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Thanks for answering nitind. I checked that but there is no way to set the declaration formatting separately for anonymous function declaration and regular function declaration. – Norbert Tamas Mar 6 '12 at 13:43
Unhelpful answer. – Vanuan Oct 13 '12 at 18:17

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