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I am using flex(the lexer) to do some lexical analysis.

What I need is:

If none of the rules are matched, then a value is returned to indicate such thing has happened.

This is like the default syntax in the switch control flow structure in many programming language.

Is there a way to do such kind of stuff?

EDIT 1: Reference from the official doc

If no match is found, then the default rule is executed: 
the next character in the input is considered matched and copied to the standard output. 

But how can I change the default rule?

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In acacia-lex it is done in the following way: Lexer has run method:


public void run() {

Token token;
while ((token = this.findNext()).isFound()) {
    System.out.println("LEXER RES = " + token.toString());



When nothing is found, there is no default rule. Lexer method run just completed its job. To continue lexing, at the end of tokens specification is needed token "DOT" -> ".". So if no other tokens match, DOT will match and Lexer run will continue its job.

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