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I want to enable comments (like in any regular blog) but the site is static. How should I do it?

Is there a service to "host" comments (like imgur for comments for example)?

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Disqus is almost exactly what you're looking for. They give you a little snippet and it embeds a commenting system in your page. Used by about half of Tumblr and big sites like Engadget.

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Disqus is a great option, and depending on the type of site Facebook Comments can make a lot of sense as well. Both will work on a totally static site.

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Thanks. Both are great suggestions. (I accepted Drakekin's because he answered first) –  Eelvex Mar 7 '12 at 3:02

To gather all options:

  • Juvia is an open source alternative to Disqus. The problem is, you would need a server to host it yourself and the development seems to be stuck.
  • Disqus is very popular.
  • Facebook Comments integrates well with that social network. But it requires people to have a Facebook account.
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