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I'm using Jquery to get the width of an image once it is appended to the body. Have a look at this fiddle to get an understanding of what I'm doing.

What I want to do is add each element with a constrained height and read what the respective width is once after it is scaled. The problem as you will see is that the console.log is giving me the value 0 for the width.

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Use jQuery .load() function to do all the calculation after image load:

var number = 0;

           src: " images/blockc.gif/image_thumb"
           id:'img' + (number++)
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The width was being "read" before the image could fully download.

So, we used the same concept, but applied it after the img load event had fired:

 $('#img' + String(number)).load(function() {
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Mohsen and Justice are right. However, you can still simplify a bit:

var number = 0;
        $('.container').prepend($('<img '
                + 'id="img'+number+'"src="'
                + 'book-division/images-1/other-'
                + 'images/blockc.gif/image_thumb">').load(function() {
    }, 3000);
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