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My app has many graphics for the UI. There is always 1-2 seconds lag when loading so many png files (with [UIImage imageWithContentsOfFile:]).

So I am trying to pack them up into one big 2048*2048 image as a texture altas, like wt I did in rendering texture in OpenGL, to prevent the overhead of file I/O. Then use CGImageCreateWithImageInRect() to make the sub-images one by one.

The whole process is fast before the images are drawn. From loading, making sub-images, to adding the UIImageView to my mainview.

But after adding those imageview, it need to wait for a large delay before the animation of my UI starts. I used the Instrument Time Profiler and found that "png_do_read_transformations" should be the cause.

As I read the documentation, CGImageCreateWithImageInRect() created images only make reference to the data of the original image. Does this cause the bad performance when I first drawn the image since transformation is needed?

Any approach can solve this problem?

p.s. the delay only appear when I first time add the image. no delay after the first appearance.

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