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Im using $.getJSON to fetch data from the server side to populate the data in my jquery mobile app. The problem Im having is that the json result that I fetch contains HTML tags. When I append this data to the div in app, the HTML tags are retained as they are Looks like this now

var menDet;

//data contains a <p> tag from the server side fetched data


From the Inspect element window, I just noticed the data value is getting wrapped within quotes and thats preventing the HTML from being applied to the HTML tags within the quotes !

Any ideas on how I can add them without them being wrapped in quotes?

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You can wrap the string in $() and get a jQuery object which constructs all of the HTML elements.


You can test it here with jsFiddle.


    <div id="foo">


var s = '<span><b>Hello</b> World</span>';


    <div id="foo">
            <b>Hello</b> World
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If you are getting the data perfectly from server in proper format as you required for appending then you can use

$("#yourlistview").listview('refresh'); or 

$("#yourlistview").listview('refresh', true);

Check the following link

JQM (jQueryMobile) problem with AJAX content listview('refresh') not working

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