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I am creating advanced site that is based in 99% on one view. I have created the following code which is responsible to point all controllers actions which dont have corresponding view to universal view: ~/Views/Shared/UniversalView.cshtml.

protected void Application_Start()


    foreach (IViewEngine engine in ViewEngines.Engines)
        if (engine is RazorViewEngine)
            RazorViewEngine razorEngine = (RazorViewEngine)engine;
            var locationFormats = razorEngine.ViewLocationFormats;
            List<string> l = new List<string>(locationFormats);
            razorEngine.ViewLocationFormats = l.ToArray();

I am preety sure that there will be much better method to achive that effect. Any ideas?

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You can declare a BaseController and all your controller must inherit from it.

Then just add a method in BaseController like

    public ViewResult UniversalView(string viewName="UniversalView")
        return View(viewName);

From other controllers you can call this method instead of traditional View(). If you will specify the view name it will take that view else default is Universal view.

    public ActionResult About()
        return UniversalView();
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Thanks for answer. I was considering that solution before, but with one difference, I was thinking about inherit from controller class and overriding the View method and then i get scared cause of controller complexity. IMHO that is good solution but it imposes programmers to remember about deriving from custom controller class as a result it will be hard to maintain. –  MaciejLisCK Mar 6 '12 at 21:25

I would just use that view in all the relevant actions:

return View("UniversalView");

But if you really want to go your way. Have a look at ExecuteResult method link and use it to achieve what you want.

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Thanks for answer. That solution will be very hard to maintain because in almost every action I should remember to return View("~/Views/Shared/UniversalView.cshtml"); –  MaciejLisCK Mar 6 '12 at 21:34

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