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Through the Import/Export wizard (2008 R2) I'm trying to get data from a View and do some joins with it and put the data in a temp table then do a final select statement at the bottom.

But I keep getting a message saying that my first temp table definition is invalid.

Here's the def:

Create Table #CT (Code int, Col1 varchar(75), Col2 varchar(75), Col3 int) 

I know this is good because I can run it directly on the server without problems.

Is it that Imp/Exp wiz doesn't allow these kinds of queries, where there's complex statements?

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At the top of your SQL code, try adding set fmtonly off.

In some circumstances, SQL Server tries to determine the metadata for a query without actually running the query... but, this doesn't play well with temp tables. Adding set fmtonly off instructs it to actually execute the query to get the metadata.

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