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I have lots of javascript, stylesheets and images in my Zend Framework application.

I want to cache and compress them so that there will be a little load to my server

What should I do?

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You may want to use this: Cache JS & CSS Zend Framework

Ref: Minify

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I'm having a hardtime setting it up :/ – rjmcb Mar 6 '12 at 4:32

You may want to investigate the PHP library "Assetic":

This library will allow you to bundle, compress, and minify your javascript and css resources. The library also offers a few ways to cache the bundled versions of your assets.

You may want to also consider moving your assets to a third party content delivery network, like Amazon CloudFront (

(Assetic will help you load your bundled resources to an S3 bucket, as well.)

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