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I want to convert the WebKit framework by following the patterns used in other Objective C frameworks included in Delphi XE2.

I am getting the following error message:

Project ProjectFM raised exception class EObjectiveC with message 'ObjectiveC class WebView could not be found'.

I have a included the WebKit framework in the Remote Profiles, by adding is follows: Path: /System/Library/Frameworks Framework: WebKit

I have followed the pattern found in MacAPI.Foundation.pas to begin translating the WebView.h file as follows:

  WebViewClass = interface(NSViewClass)
    {class} function canShowMIMEType(MIMEType: NSString): Boolean; cdecl;

  WebView = interface(NSView)
    procedure close; cdecl;
  TWebView = class(TOCGenericImport<WebViewClass, WebView>)  end;

Also, does the GUID for the interface have any relevance?

Can anybody provide any guidance as to what steps must be followed to tap into any of the additional objective c frameworks not included in XE2.

Thanks, Phil

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regarding GUID, please see stackoverflow.com/questions/2992183/… accepted answer –  ComputerSaysNo Mar 6 '12 at 5:20

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