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I'm trying to use VB6 regex with capture groups to parse and rearrange a string:

Dim innfilename As String
Dim outfilename As String
innfilename = "4.6.12.Jack&DianeWedding004.jpg"
outfilename = innfilename

Dim regexB As RegExp
Dim regexBMatchCol As MatchCollection
Dim regexBMatch As Match
Set regexB = New RegExp
regexB.IgnoreCase = True
regexB.Global = True
regexB.Pattern = "^(\d{1,2})\.(\d{1,2})\.(\d{2,4})\.(.*)$"
Set regexBMatchCol = regexB.Execute(innfilename)

If regexBMatchCol.Count > 0 Then
    Set regexBMatch = regexBMatchCol(0)
    mnth = regexBMatch.SubMatches(0)
    dayy = regexBMatch.SubMatches(1)
    year = regexBMatch.SubMatches(2)
    remd = regexBMatch.SubMatches(3)
    yearInt = Val(year)
    mnthInt = Val(mnth)
    dayyInt = Val(dayy)
    If yearInt >= 70 And yearInt <= 99 Then
        year = "19" & year
        year = "20" & year
    End If
    If mnthInt >= 1 And mnthInt <= 9 Then
        mnth = "0" & mnth
    End If
    If dayyInt >= 1 And dayyInt <= 9 Then
        dayy = "0" & dayy
    End If
    outfilename = year & "." & mnth & "." & dayy & "." & remd
End If

but my regex isn't working i.e. regexBMatchCol.Count winds up being zero . Can anybody spot my error?


Still-learning Steve

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In VB6 if I wanted to make a string that was just a backslash, would I need to escape them via "\\" or would "\" work? If the former, then the backslashes in your regex need to be escaped for VB6. –  mathematical.coffee Mar 6 '12 at 5:19
That looks like it should work - which Regex library are you using? –  E.Z. Hart Mar 6 '12 at 5:47

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I checked your code in the VB6 IDE and I do get a Count of one. Did you adapt the original code for posting it here?

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