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I am using UITextView to edit text. I want to use two UIButtons Edit and Save. Initially i want to show edit UIButton, when the user click on edit i want to show save UIButton. when the content successfully saved i dont want to show save button any more.

I am a c# coder, in c# i used to do like this

C# code

Now i want to know how to make a button visible and not visible from objective c code.


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Since UIButton inherits from UIView, you can just set the hidden property on the button (via UIButton doc)

button.hidden = YES;
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Consider enabling or disabling the buttons instead. You get the same end result, but it's a little bit more consistent since things aren't appearing and dissapearing out of nowhere.

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From a UI perspective, this definitely seems nicer –  Benny Wong Jun 5 '09 at 21:39

Instead of visible, the property you are looking for is hidden.

saveButton.hidden = YES;

That should do the trick.

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