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Suppose, I have two class named User and Authority.

The specification of those two classes are:

  Integer id;
  String userCode;
  String password;
  boolean active;

  static hasMany = [authorities : Authority, userGroups : UserGroup]

  static mapping = {

    Integer id
    String roleTitle
    String description

    static hasMany = [features : Feature, users : User]

    static belongsTo = User;


In the Query level how can I get all the authorities those are mapped with one particular object of User?

Like, I have tried in the following approach:

user = User.findByUserCodeAndPassword(userCode,password);
Set<User> users = new HashSet<User>();

List<Authority> authority = Authority.findAllByUsers(users);

But the above code is giving runtime grails exception. How can I solve this issue?

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Just use user.authorities no need to do all these things after getting user object.

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