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So, there is problem - I have the order to write web-app on Kohana (no choice) and until yesterday I had no experience with this framework (only in Rails). But anyway I googled and created the authentification on site via net steps: 1: using standart SQL-code in Kohana I created tables for Auth. 2: tutn on ORM and Auth 3: create action login()

public function action_login()
    $auth = Auth::instance();

    if ($auth->logged_in())
        return $this->request->redirect("welcome/view");

    if ($_POST)
        $user = ORM::factory("user");

        $status = $auth->login($_POST["username"],$_POST["password"]);

        if ($status)

            echo "Failed to login";

But whatever I do I get echo "Failed to login";.

Is there any tools to define what's wrong happening ? Some logs ? Or, may be, I do something wrong at common....

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Do you include the session module? How did you create the user? Did you configure the auth module? – Thorsten Mar 8 '12 at 21:14
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To answer your question: no there are no obvious tools to dig into Auth. You're best off going into modules/auth and look into the files and dump out information to Kohana::log or Kohana::debug to debug the errors.

I think the problem with your code is that in Kohana 3.2, $_POST is unset. You should use this instead:

 $status = $auth->login($this->request->post("username"), $this->request->post("password"));

Should work after that.

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