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I'm trying to update a windows 8 application from the Developer Preview to the Consumer Preview. It seems there's been a few changes. This code used to work:

var myDataSource = new WinJS.UI.ArrayDataSource(array)
var basicListView = WinJS.UI.getControl(document.getElementById("basicListView"));
basicListView.dataSource = myDataSource;

Now, there is no WinJS.UI.getControl method and no ArrayDataSource. This is my code:

var dataList = new WinJS.Binding.List(array);
var list = document.getElementById("basicListView");
list.itemDataSource = dataList.dataSource;

but it does nothing (except add a property to a DOM element that is ignored). Any ideas what I'm missing?

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Got it. To get the control you now use the winControl property of the element:

var list = document.getElementById("basicListView").winControl;

Setting the itemDataSource works a treat.

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