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We have a Qt app that when it starts tries to connect to a servlet to get config parameters that it needs to keep running.

The URL may change frequently because we have to test the application in several environments. Right now (as a temporary solution) the URL is a constant in source code, but it is a little bit ugly.

Where is the best place to mainting this URL, so that we do not need to change the source code every time I want to change the environment target?

In a database table maybe (my application uses a SQLite DB), in a settings file, or in some other way?

Thank you for you replies.

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I would do it in a settings file, if you don't have to worry about someone abusing the URL. But still you can do some kind on encoding in these cases. –  v01d Mar 6 '12 at 7:18

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You have a number of options:

  1. Hard coded (like you have already)
  2. Run-time user input
  3. Command line arguments
  4. QSettings
  5. Read from a bespoke file as text.

I would think option 3 would be the most simple to implement without being intrusive, but it does depend on what kind of application you have.

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I would keep the list of url in a document, e.g. a XML, stored in a central, well known place, e.g. a known web server, and hardcode the url of the known place in the app.

The list could then be edited externally without recompiling your app;

The app would at startup download and parse the list, pointing to the right servlet based upon an environment specified as a command line parameter.

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