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I am having a environment made up of multiple exchange servers and they are split as 3 organizations. I am using Get-OrganizationConfig to get the list of Organizations. Then I am using command: Get-ExchangeServer to get list of all the exchange Servers. But I am not able to get which server belongs to which Organization. As per my understanding each server will belong to a organization. Can anyone tell me how can I find the Server-Organization mapping?

I want to do this using Powershell Commandlets. A single command or small scripts will also be fine.

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When you execute the following command, do you get the organization name in the ExchangeLegacyDN property (/o=OrgName/ou=...)?

Get-ExchangeServer | select Name,ExchangeLegacyDN 
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Actually I solved it in the same way :-). Only change is: We get it as DistinguishedName property and its like: CN=/../, CN=MY-ORG, CN=; – Piyush Mar 12 '12 at 11:43

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